Platform Setup

The Platform is like having a secret weapon to create awesome esports programs for kids & youth that everyone will enjoy and want to be a part of.

Run profitable and professional esports programs

The Esports Platform empowers you to efficiently manage youth esports programs that are not only profitable and professional but also adored by kids and parents alike, prompting their enrollment and investment.

Comprehensive programming

Partner with desportz esports

Do you already have a youth esports team, or are you interested in starting one? Coaches, Team & Club owners now have the opportunity to bring their teams to desportz, where they can compete on a larger stage alongside teams from across the nation and beyond.

During the course we will cover

Course Introduction

Outline & objectives

Introduction to Coaching

What is coaching?
The Role of a coach
What makes a good coach?

Skill Acquisition & Development

Fundamentals of skill acquisition & development
Stages of skill acquisition & development
Physical & mental development in young adults

Introduction to Esports

History of esports
Esports today
Commonalities with traditional sports
The unique aspects of esports
Different types of esports games

Esports Training

The skills at the core of esports
How do we train the perfect esports athlete
The purpose of training

Putting All Together

Building blocks of an esports training program
Structure of an esports training session
Coach and student expectations
Parent involvement & engagement

Training Mandates

6-10 year olds
11-13 year olds
14-16 year olds
16+ year olds

Course Wrap Up

Wrapping things up
Final assessment
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