Improve your game. Play with peers. Have a blast.

Revolutionizing the esports Industry with The Iconic Journey

At desportz’ In-game Training, we have a special program just for esports training. Your child will get to play in competitive games with a group of friends. They’ll get better at gaming with help from coaches, lots of practice, and playing against others.

But it’s not just about getting better at games. Your child will also learn important life skills, gain confidence, and make new friends. It’s something to be really proud of!

In-game training Pathway

Amateur (1-Month)

Elite (3-Months)

Master (6-Months)

  • Introduction to In-game Warmup
  • Pre-Aim & Crosshair Placement
  • Weapon-Drills
  • Site Drills
  • Counter Strafing
  • Ability Drills
  • Competitive Scrim

Immortal (9-Months)

Conqueror (12-Months)

Partner with desportz esports

Do you already have a youth esports team, or are you interested in starting one? Coaches, Team & Club owners now have the opportunity to bring their teams to desportz, where they can compete on a larger stage alongside teams from across the nation and beyond.
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