Empowering kids in the sport they are passionate about

Our esports program focuses on developing healthy gaming habits through in-person training sessions. Led by desportz – ECA Certified coaches, our training sessions help young gamers improve their mental toughness, physical fitness, and in-game skills.

Why enroll in our desportz Youth Esports Training Institute?

Where Players Become Legends

Esports not only introduces education, life skills, and inclusive competition to the realm of youth gaming but also fosters a sense of community, confidence, sportsmanship, and enjoyment — elements highly sought after by both parents and kids in extracurricular activities.

Participating in esports is not just about playing games; it’s about being part of a team, honing skills in a passion they love, and establishing meaningful relationships with peers. Esports goes beyond the digital realm, transforming the gaming experience into a powerful tool for character development, all while ensuring the enjoyment factor remains intact.


How does the trial session work?

The trial session is a Fortnite (game specific )training session where students will practice core game mechanics through in-game exercises, discuss Fortnite game design elements and strategies, play in teams, and run through physical exercises.

Do I have to accompany my child during the trial session?

Yes, the first trial class requires that an adult accompany students. Future classes won’t require this.


Our exercises are built on the ECA methodology, which focuses on improving mental toughness, physical fitness, and in-game skills that promote healthy gaming habits.

How long is the trial session?

60- 90 minutes.

Who are Certified Coaches?

desportz –ECA Certified Coaches are coaches that have completed an intensive esports coaching program that teaches them the fundamentals of coaching and developing esports gaming skills. The program promotes healthy gaming habits through its age-appropriate in-game skill development exercises and offline physical and team-based activities.

Training Sessions

Our training sessions give gamers the tools and knowledge they need, so that each hour of play both during and outside of practice, delivers the most improvement and enjoyment possible. Sessions include team huddles, mini-games, in-game drills, social games, physical activity, and play.

Train At Esports Arenas

desportz players gather at their local arena weekly for coaching, training, and friendly competition within a fun and secure setting.
Here, they become part of a team, refine their skills, and experience the joy of playing, just like their professional counterparts.

Start playing today

Getting started is easy!

Find an Arena

Start the journey at a local arena. Existing teams can join our youth leagues.

Book a free session

Youth of all levels can try us with a complimentary skills assessment.

PLay games, build skills, have fun

Become a better player, teammate, and communicator while having a blast with peers.

Our Partner

desportz – The first of its kind Esports Training Institute from Gujarat, India has announced a partnership with Gen.G Global Academy Seoul, South Korea. Gen.G Global Academy operates the world’s first fully integrated academic esports program and is run by multinational esports organisation Gen.G Esports. Aiming to develop future leaders in the rapidly evolving esports industry, the academy offers various educational services, such as game training, support for higher education, and career-specific programs. Both organisations will work together hand in hand to promote Esports Academics in India.
Esports Coaching Academy partners with desportz – Institute of Esports Training. We are excited to have joined as a partner with ECA as we endeavour to transform how youth engage with esports. We envision a future where esports is as much a part of the community as traditional sports, where youth can practice and compete in a structured environment and improve their in-game skills, mental toughness, physical fitness, and overall well-being. Both organisations will work together hand in hand to promote Esports Coach Academics program in India.

What Students Are Saying

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