Foster young talent to become

elite esports athletes

Detailed Training Library

The training library not just incorporate the Esports Coach certification courses, however it provides a range of game-specific educational resources and courses covering topics such as physical fitness, mental resilience, and nutrition.

Embark on mastering all components of esports starting now

desportz-ECA Esports Coaching Certification

Become a certified desportz-ECA Esports Coach.

desportz-ECA In-Game Education

Enhance your knowledge and coaching capabilities for different titles.

Physical Exercise in Esports

Master the role of physical exercise in esports.

Partner with desportz esports

Do you already have a youth esports team, or are you interested in starting one? Coaches, Team & Club owners now have the opportunity to bring their teams to desportz, where they can compete on a larger stage alongside teams from across the nation and beyond.
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