desportz - Institute of Esports Training & Academics and Esports Coaching Academy Join Forces to Bring Structured Esports Training To Youth

desportz a brand of (VEPL) ,Vadodara Gujarat, India and Esports Coaching Academy (ECA) have partnered to bring structured in-person esports training programs that promote healthy gaming habits to youth of our country . As part of this partnership, ECA will provide coaching certification and esports training programs to desportz – Institute of Esports Training & Academics, ensuring that young players receive training that helps them improve their in-game skills, mental toughness, and physical fitness.

According to research, playing esports has numerous benefits for youth, including improved cognitive skills, increased socialization, and enhanced problem-solving abilities. Studies have shown that playing video games can improve cognitive abilities such as attention, visual-spatial skills, and executive functioning. Additionally, esports can provide a pathway to college scholarships and professional careers in the gaming industry. According to a report by Newzoo, the esports industry is expected to generate over $1.87 billion in revenue in 2025.
“Esports has become an increasingly popular way for young people to connect with others, develop skills, and have fun,” said Vidya Nair Founder desportz –Institute of Esports Training & Academics India “Our partnership with ECA will help us to provide even greater opportunities for young people to get involved in esports and to develop their skills in a supportive and nurturing environment.”

desportz – Institute along with Partner ECA offers two certifications, as well as a library of ready-to-run training programs, that desportz –ECA certified coaches can use to run short programs such as boot camps and semester-long esports training programs. The desportz -ECA certification and programs equip coaches with the tools and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality in-person esports coaching and support to young players.

“At desportz , we are committed to providing coaches with comprehensive esports coaching education and training materials,” said Rezin Kailas Nair, MD /Co-Founder desportz- Institute of Esports Training & Academics India. “Our partnership with ECA will help us further enable youth that is interested in gaming to be able to receive support and pursue their passion in a structured, healthy, and approved way.”
Together, desportz and ECA are working to promote the benefits of esports for youth and to provide high-quality training and support for young players. By working together, they are helping to create a positive future for the next generation of youth esports players.
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Rezin Kailas
MD /Co- Founder
Ólafur Steinarsson
CEO /Co-Founder
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