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Sports Management

The Next Big Thing in India

2008 marked a turning point for Indian sports. The first-ever "individual" Gold won by an Indian at the world's biggest sporting event, the Beijing Olympics by Abhinav Bindra, inspired the nation's athletes and sports enthusiasts.
Another trigger for the fast development of India's sports business was the launch of the Indian Premier League in the same year. The yearly athletic league produced a novel, distinctive ecology that called for expert administration off the pitch to support the efforts made by the players on the pitch.
Numerous sports leagues have been founded as a result of the IPL. In turn, this helped the idea of sports management. The quickly changing sports sector needed experts who could handle and manage backend operations of events or competitions, including finance, marketing, hospitality, facility management, event management, content development, and many others.
Did you know that the Indian Premier League's backend team—that is, the managers—comprised of over 22,000 professionals? India now hosts up to 15 different sporting events each year in addition to more than 1100 marathons. Imagine the amount of labour this industry would need!
Let us look at some facts about the Sports Industry

India is no longer a country with only one sport, as evidenced by the growth of numerous sporting leagues and the popularity of sports like Badminton, Shooting, Football, and Wrestling, to name a few.

The sports sector is expanding by 15% annually. (data from DataPOWA)

By 2024, the country will require 4 million Sports Management specialists.

Some of the Sports Management verticals, where careers could be made, are as follows:

Our courses are meticulously crafted to produce highly skilled sports professionals who are passionate about their work. Our institute provides ample opportunities for sports industry professionals to broaden their knowledge and expertise. Additionally, we welcome individuals from other professions who aspire to work in the sports industry. Our academic programs are also highly beneficial for retired athletes who wish to transition into managerial roles within the sports industry. At our institute, we strive to provide a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience that prepares our students for success in the competitive world of sports.
Students will be qualified to work in a range of fields and positions after graduation. The following opportunities are listed:

Sports Event Management

League Management

Esports & Gaming

Sports Administration

Sports Merchandising

Operations & Logistics Management

Sports Venue Management

Sponsorship Management

Sports Analytics

Sports Marketing and Branding

Sports Federations

Sports Celebrity Management

Sports Federations

Sports Marketing & Branding

Sports Merchandising

Sports Celebrity Management

Sports Journalism

Sports Facilities Management

Sports Event Management

Sports Equipment Manufacturing

Recreation and Sports Club Management

Sports Media & Broadcasting

Sports League & Team Management

Sports Retail

Sports Agencies

Sports Tourism

Sports Marketing Research

League / Team / Athlete Management

Venue Management

Managing Associations / Federations

Handling the Operations / Logistics of Team or League

Sports Grassroots Development – Identifying & Nurturing Talent

Handling Media & Communications Outfit of a Team

Sports Event Management – from Conception to Planning to Coordination to Execution

Business Development, Sales & Client Servicing

Digital Marketing

Electronic & Digital Media -Programming

Sports Data Analytics

Sports Retail

Sports Tourism

Sports Psychology


Sports Law


Individuals who are passionate about sports and possess initiative and knowledge can make a significant impact on the sports sector. Pursuing formal education in sports administration is the best way to combine one’s interest with one’s vocation. This type of education combines classroom learning with practical experience, providing live exposure to the industry.
Pursuing a degree in sports administration is a wise choice for those who are passionate about sports and want to make a difference in the industry. A career in this can be both challenging and immensely satisfying. The sports industry is rapidly growing and is on track to become one of the largest industries in the country.
In summary, If you have a love for sports and a desire to make a difference in the industry, then Sports Management may be the perfect career for you. With the industry’s growth, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement and career development.
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