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Why Desportz

Founded on the ideals of inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration, the DESPORTZ Institute is a pioneering institution committed to increasing access to education, championing research excellence, and delivering social good.

Grounded by a sense of community and the notion that collective expertise and power can transform people’s lives, what makes us unique is our ability to impart the power of learning, sharing and connection at an unparalleled scale.

Our motive for students is to critically engage with and apply a range of management functions including strategic planning, marketing, finance and events and facilities management.

An individual should plan and undertake systematic research into sport-related business and management issues, making selective and critical use of a range of business data, research sources and appropriate methodologies.

One can take a critical international and professional perspective that is demonstrably informed by knowledge and expertise in issues including the relations between sport and businesses, societies, and the environment.

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